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For all your coaching education needs you can contact Softball Australia via

Softball Australia

Joanne Paez

Coach Education Coordinator

(03) 9417 0022

State-based Coaching Directors
Coach Accreditation Courses are offered by State Softball Associations. Contact your local Coaching Director to find out about the various coaching courses on offer.
Coaching Director ACT

Softball ACT

Bob Harrow

0413 276 180

Coaching Director SA

Softball South Australia

James Harris

(08) 8353 6766
Coaching Director NSW

Softball New South Wales

Cathy Kerr

(02) 9677 4000
Coaching Director TAS

Softball Tasmania

Evelyn Seabourne

0408 546 208
Coaching Director NT

Softball Northern Territory

Nicky Baldwin

(08) 8927 3333
Coaching Director VIC

Softball Victoria

Simon Blundell

(03) 9415 1745
Coaching Director QLD

Softball Queensland

Nicole Watts

(07) 3391 2447
Coaching Director WA

Softball Western Australia

Gary Butler

0417 998 361