Level 3 "Training to Compete"
This online course provides the coach with the knowledge and skills to teach club/senior club players the finer points of playing softball in competition. The program focuses on game preparation, game management and basic game strategies as well as improving performance by optimising intermediate level individual and position-specific softball skills.
Competency statements - what will you be able to do?

Following successful completion of the Training to Compete (Level 3) Coach Accreditation Program you will be able to:

  • Explain the roles and ethical responsibilities of the club level coach and demonstrate ethical behaviour at all times
  • Assess and manage the risks of coaching club level players during training sessions and competition
  • Plan, deliver and review training sessions to optimise individual player and team performance in club level competition
  • Enhance intermediate level softball skills and further develop positional play/skills in club level players
  • Prepare a team for and manage a team during club level competition using basic game preparation, game management and game strategies
  • Use basic measures to evaluate and improve your own, individual player and team performance and progress
Registration and Payment for the Level 3 Course

To access the register and pay for access to the course click on softball link below: